A Think Tank Serving Pennsylvania’s Public and Private Employers

Felice Associates is one of the few Pennsylvania consulting firms that specializes in representing the management interests of employers. We are a multi-disciplinary firm applying a diversity of skills and expertise into a unified force to resolve complex management and HR problems. Our unique position is a direct result of the knowledge our Associates have acquired over the past 45 years in advising and assisting public and private sector clients.

Solving Employer Problems

Our capabilities have been developed to address the unique issues facing public and private employers:

  • Decreasing Revenues
  • Escalating Costs
  • Increasing Demand for Services
  • Complying with Federal & State Laws and Regulations

Felice Associates has devised and implemented positive, measurable change for:

  • Banks
  • Boroughs
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Manufacturers
  • Townships
  • School Boards
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Highway Commissions
  • Regional Planning & Development Authorities
  • Small Businesses

The Personal Element

While public and private employers share an array of common concerns, differences are profoundly important. We believe that the appropriateness of any solution hinges on the distinctions specific to each client and situation we encounter. We provide solutions to accommodate the differences of each client to effect constructive change.