Our Mission

At Felice Associates, we see opportunity in today’s confluence of old-school values and cutting-edge technology. We combine a circumspect view of employer realities, up-to-the-minute legal knowledge, and constant awareness of technology developments to help our clients accurately assess problems, implement insightful solutions, and achieve innovation in operational efficiency. 

Sound Judgement During Rapid Change

The proliferation of technology and the exponential rate of change in the current business and cultural climates make it difficult for employers to get a consensus on the best way to proceed.  Advancing with certainty and pointing operations in the right direction can be challenging.  Achieving efficiency can become a pipe dream.

Solutions to Continuous Challenges

Long Term Success is rarely characterized by the ability to perform well on one occasion. It depends on consistent progress exhibited over time. We help clients to overcome seemingly impossible problems by implementing logical changes. Our recommendations are always based on sound information and carried out through realistic, actionable objectives. Once our initial goal with a client has been reached, Felice Associates often continues to play a permanent and integral role in our clients’ overall operations.

Credibility in Times of Uncertainty

Every organization faces some degree of need to seek support from outside sources. Felice Associates has devoted over four decades to building the resources necessary to provide employers with the tools and information needed to make sound decisions. Each member of our team contributes specialization in his or her core competencies, and the collaborative approach among our professionals provides our clients with comprehensive  expertise. The result for our clients is a consistent source of precise information, reliable compliance, and trustworthy counsel.