Personnel Policies

It is axiomatic in employment law that personnel policies and procedures must be uniformly and consistently applied to all employees. The inconsistent application of a policy could mitigate an otherwise appropriate management action. In other words, management could have a very sound basis for its action; however, it could be completely vitiated if an employee can demonstrate disparate treatment or the inconsistent application of the policy under which the action is taken.

Minimizing Legal Risk

Pennsylvania employment law has undergone rapid and significant change in recent years. Federal and state governments as well as the courts have been increasing their enforcement of various employment laws. Employers found in violation of such laws have been assessed large financial liabilities.

Clear, Consistent and Compliant Policies

In order to avoid unnecessary exposure and to adequately protect your management rights, Felice Associates, Inc. will evaluate and review your existing personnel policies and procedures for the purpose of locating potentially troublesome areas and recommend appropriate changes. We will develop, as necessary, new policies and procedures which comply with applicable law.

We will codify your policies into one loose-leaf manual which will eliminate the need for individuals to make decisions on matters of general policy and will help assure consistency in the administration of your policies. This manual also serves as a working guide for management/supervisory personnel who are involved in day-to-day operations.

Effective and Efficient Documentation

In order to assure the proper documentation of your personnel transactions under the new policies and procedures, we will develop various forms for your use including, but not limited to, recruitment, pre-employment, reference checks, standardized questionnaire for use in interviewing job applicants, and forms necessary to document changes in pay, classification, promotion, demotion, transfer, absentee/tardiness control and time worked including authorization for overtime.