Expert PA Legal Research Services

Our staff of professionals are capable of preparing briefs and documentation required in any labor board hearing, arbitration, or labor or employment matter. Our research of various printed sources and electronic databases is summarized and compiled into meaningful reports for our clients. The goal of our research is to aid management in making informed management judgments based on the most updated information available on labor and employment law.

Up-To-the-Minute Labor & Employment Law Knowledge

In order to deal effectively with the many complex issues that arise daily in employee relations, updated knowledge of rapidly changing PA labor and employment laws is essential. Felice Associates has a comprehensive Labor and Employment Law Library which is continually updated. In addition, we can access the largest employment law databases in the United States for our legal research and retrieve information on any labor or employment law or human resources topic.

Diversified Research Capabilities

Over the years, Felice Associates, Inc. has expanded dramatically to encompass a wide range of research and management support services, all designed to effectively handle the myriad of complex labor and employment law issues and human resource management problems currently confronting employers. Our firm brings a comprehensive team-oriented approach to legal research and all client services. Based on our background, experience, and expertise, Felice Associates is able to provide solutions that work within the complicated legal framework affecting employers.