Classification & Pay Studies

Employers struggle each year to determine what pay should be established for various positions and what pay increases should be granted to employees. Felice Associates provides all of the technical advice and assistance necessary in developing and implementing a sound and equitable classification and pay plan or preparing revisions to an existing plan.

Felice Associates, Inc. has developed and implemented a significant number of classification and pay plans for employers that reconcile inequities and establish salaries commensurate with the duties and responsibilities you assign to your employees. Our plan takes the guesswork out of determining what to pay employees and provides you with a consistent, uniform method for determining salary adjustments within your budget. Using our plan, employers can establish salaries on a multi-year basis, rather than struggling each year to determine salaries.

Fair & Equitable Pay Plans

The goal is to provide a pay plan which is fair and equitable and within the budgetary constraints affecting the client. An updated job classification and pay plan is the keystone of a sound system of personnel management and provides a tool of inestimable value and usefulness. The Plan groups individual jobs into classes of positions on the basis of an objective scientific survey technique, thus avoiding a purely personalized or subjective method. A system of class titles with uniform job language provides a base for common understanding among all employees.

Advantages of Our Plans

The advantages of our classification and pay plans are numerous. It aids in recruiting and testing procedures by making it possible to conduct tests for classes of positions rather than relying upon a large number of tests for individual jobs having immaterial differences; facilitates the preparation of informative budgets for personnel services; clarifies promotional and transfer actions; aids in developing merit rating and training programs; aids in planning, clarifying and improving the organizational structure; and makes it possible to compile meaningful personnel data.