Human Resources Information Systems

A New Team for Emerging Technology

Felice Associates has expanded its horizons by creating an Information Technology Practice within our firm that specializes in cutting-edge virtual technologies called Cloud & Virtual Computing. We review the effectiveness of your current information system including files, input data and reports, and general systems flow. This enables us to determine your requirements and related costs.

Cost-Effective Information Technology Consulting

Our information technology consulting services will determine whether your current or proposed system is justified, technically feasible, and economically sound. The overall objective is to assure that your system approach solves your real problems.

Smart, Efficient IT Decisions

The innovative use of technology, as well as an understanding of the costs, benefits, and competitive advantage of computer and communications technology, is critical. Many organizations do not have proper guidance in this technical area and purchase software or hardware that does not meet their needs.

Information Technology Strategic Plan

Many organizations have implemented strategic plans for information technology that have proved to be ineffective because they were poorly conceived and implemented. In order to effectively develop and implement a sound strategic information technology plan, a team that includes experts in work flow, organizational processes, systems analysis, programmers, and advanced technologists who can work together to carry out the strategic plan is essential.

Where HR Meets IT

Our purpose is to blend state-of-the-art technology with human resources processes to ease the burden of balancing conflicting laws and regulations. We provide data that assists clients in making informed decisions in human resources and labor relations. We provide solutions to our clients by assessing their IT architecture and infrastructure. We then use our assessments to create an actionable plan that, when executed, will produce the optimum blend of current technology to meet the organization’s long-term needs.

Technology Analysis, Planning & Implementation

In addition to Integrated Technology architecture and infrastructure planning, we have the capability to project manage the process. We work alongside our clients to ensure that the new technology is properly installed, and that employees are properly trained to implement your system.