Financial & Organizational Analysis Services

Identifying Financial Problems Proactively

All employers are faced with increasing costs, loss of revenue and stringent government regulations. With respect to our financial analysis services, Felice Associates, Inc. utilizes its multi-year forecasting system to identify current and future fiscal problems in sufficient time for our clients to take corrective action and enhance their financial stability. We develop plans aimed at reducing operating costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Efficient Organization Structure

Our organizational analysis services focus on developing the most efficient relationships among and between employees and functions. In order to accomplish managerial objectives, it is essential that the delegation of responsibility and decision making at appropriate levels within the organization be clearly defined. The structure of any organization determines its actualization and success.

Organization-Level Implementation

Felice Associates, Inc. has developed and implemented successful organizational changes for its clients. We review your current structure from an organizational, operational, and administrative standpoint. An effort is made to identify and define the strengths and weaknesses in the existing structure. Rather than simply reaffirming and highlighting your current organizational structure, we recommend substantive modifications which help improve the overall efficiency of the organization.