Chief Negotiator Services

For those clients who do not have an in-house negotiator, Felice Associates provides a wide array of chief negotiator services. For example, we will:

  1. Analyze and evaluate union demands
  2. Prepare management counter proposals
  3. Perform research including the use of our computerized labor costing program
  4. Arrange and conduct negotiations sessions
  5. Advise in any mediation, fact finding, or arbitration proceeding required under the law
  6. Draft final labor contracts

Felice Associates has been representing employers since 1969 and is involved in labor negotiations year-round. This involvement keeps us up to date on new issues and trends crucial to the success of your negotiations.

Negotiations Support Services

For those clients who have an in-house negotiator, Felice Associates provides a wide array of comprehensive behind-the-scenes negotiations support services.

Complete & Efficient Cost Analysis

In order to develop your overall economic and non-economic positions in labor negotiations, a significant amount of data must be retrieved and analyzed. Initially, we gather personnel data and input it into our labor costing computer program. This unprecedented system is based on a series of mathematical equations that can determine the current costs of all economic provisions in each of your labor contracts.

Precise Costing of Alternate Positions

Once your data is input into our computer system, that data can be utilized to immediately cost out any union demands, and instantly obtain the bottom-line cost of changes in any wage, fringe benefit, or related economic item. We can easily project various alternate negotiation positions and their exact cost.

Comprehensive Negotiation Reporting

Virtually any type of negotiation report can be generated. For example, we can develop a salary trend analysis of past years and a budget simulation that would demonstrate the impact of any wage/fringe benefit adjustments to your budget. Other analyses include average salary per classification; total hours worked by classification per year; a frequency distribution of employees by classification; total hours worked by average years employed; average rates of pay; and the number of employees within each job classification.

Calculating Vacation Time & Health Care Costs

The program includes a method to analyze individual costs of holidays and cost for employees working on holidays; number of sick days utilized and cost of replacements, cost of overtime hours based on individual and overall usage. Vacation entitlement can be reviewed to include the average annual number used per employee, as well as the annual cost of vacation days. We will analyze your current hospitalization and other health insurance plans and recommend cost containment strategies.

Exposure of Costly Contract Provisions

In addition, we review all current labor contracts to determine what provisions in the current contracts are not acceptable or not working and why, what matters are not covered by current contracts that you think should be, what contract positions have been a problem or created repetitive grievances.

Based on our analyses, we prepare a written report of our findings and recommendations for changes and improvements as appropriate. Our negotiations support services are invaluable in labor negotiations since they enable management to access and review critical information in an understandable, easy-to-read format.