Human Resources

Our Human Resources team provides a wide range of services designed to help organizations become more productive by pursuing innovative approaches to human resource management as well as simultaneously creating a culture of teamwork, communication and mutual support for employees and management within an organization.

Labor Negotiations

Our approach to labor negotiations is unique from the typical approaches used by law firms and other consulting firms in that we combine our experience in the interpretation and application of labor contracts with our human resources management expertise. We have developed methodologies and formulas that enable us to propose cost effective alternatives in the negotiations process that produce favorable results for our clients.

Financial & Organizational Analysis

Our Financial and Organizational Analysis team helps organizations who are facing financial or operational difficulties. Our methodologies are designed to meticulously evaluate the financial and operational aspects of an organization and then work with that organization’s leadership to create a plan to meet those challenges with the goal of enhancing productivity and profitability.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology professionals blend state-of-the-art technology with HR processes to ease the burden of balancing conflicting employment laws and government regulations. Our systems provide financial and data analysis that assists clients in making informed decisions in human resources and labor relations matters.

Legal Research

Felice associates maintains an “in-house” library and database that emphasizes those cases and decisions which impact human resources and labor relations. Our research of various printed sources and electronic data is summarized into meaningful reports. The goal of our research is to aid management in making timely informed decisions based on updated information in labor and employment law.