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FLSA Compliance Studies

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Expert Legal Research

Our staff of professionals are capable of preparing briefs and documentation required in any labor board hearing, arbitration, or labor or employment matter. Our research of various printed sources and electronic databases is summarized and compiled into meaningful reports for our clients. The goal of our research is to aid management in making an informed judgment based on the most updated information available on labor and employment law.

Up-To-the-Minute Labor & Employment Law Knowledge

In order to deal effectively with the many complex issues that arise daily in employee relations, updated knowledge of rapidly changing labor and employment laws is essential. Felice Associates has a comprehensive Labor and Employment Law Library which is continually updated. In addition, we can access the largest employment law databases in the United States and retrieve information on any labor or employment law or human resources topic.

Diversified Capabilities

Over the years, Felice Associates, Inc. has expanded dramatically to encompass a wide range of research and management support services, all designed to effectively handle the myriad of complex labor and employment law issues and human resource management problems currently confronting employers. Our firm brings a comprehensive team-oriented approach to servicing its clients. Thanks to our background, experience, and expertise, Felice Associates is able to provide solutions that work within the complicated legal framework affecting employers.

Human Resources Information Systems

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A New Division for Emerging Technology

We have expanded our horizons by creating an Information Technology Division within our firm that specializes in cutting-edge virtual technologies called Cloud & Virtual Computing. We review the effectiveness of your current information system including files, input data and reports, and general systems flow. This enables us to determine your hardware and software requirements and related costs.

Cost-Effective Information Technology Consulting

Our information technology consulting services will determine whether your current or proposed system is justified, technically feasible, and economically sound. The overall objective is to assure that your system approach solves your real problems, and that the utilization of computers and communications equipment provides and effective solution.

Smart, Efficient IT Decisions

The innovative use of technology, as well as an understanding of the costs, benefits, and competitive advantage of computer and communications technology, is critical. Many organizations do not have proper guidance in this technical area and purchase software or hardware that does not meet their needs.

Information Technology Strategic Planning

Many organizations have implemented strategic plans for information technology that have proved to be ineffective because they were poorly conceived and implemented. In order to effectively develop and implement a sound strategic information technology plan, a team that includes experts in work flow, organizational processes, systems analysis, programmers, and advanced technologists who can work together to carry out the strategic plan is essential.

Where HR Meets IT

Our purpose is to blend state-of-the-art technology with human resources processes to ease the burden of balancing conflicting laws and regulations. We provide data that assists clients in making informed decisions in human resources and labor relations. We provide solutions to our clients by assessing their IT architecture and infrastructure. We then use our assessments to create an actionable plan that, when executed, will produce the optimum blend of current technology to meet the organization’s long-term needs.

Technology Analysis, Planning & Implementation

In addition to Integrated Technology architecture and infrastructure planning, we have the capability to project manage the process by assisting clients in securing the appropriate vendors and procuring the right equipment. We work alongside our clients to ensure that the new technology is properly installed and implemented.

Updating Personnel Policies & Procedures

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Employment law has undergone rapid and significant change in recent years. Federal and state governments as well as the courts have been increasing their enforcement of various employment laws. Employers found in violation of such laws have been assessed large financial liabilities.

It is axiomatic in employment law that personnel policies and procedures must be uniformly and consistently applied to all employees. The inconsistent application of a policy could mitigate an otherwise appropriate management action. In other words, management could have a very sound basis for its action; however, it could be completely vitiated if an employee can demonstrate disparate treatment or the inconsistent application of the policy under which the action is taken.

Accordingly, to avoid unnecessary exposure and to adequately protect your management rights, Felice Associates, Inc. will evaluate and review your existing personnel policies and procedures for the purpose of locating potentially troublesome areas and recommend appropriate changes. We will develop, as necessary, new policies and procedures which comply with applicable law.

We will codify your policies into one loose-leaf manual which will eliminate the need for individual decisions on matters of general policy and will help assure uniformity in the administration of your policies. This manual would also serve as a working guide for management/supervisory personnel who are involved in day-to-day operations.

In order to assure the proper documentation of your personnel transactions under the new policies and procedures, we will develop various forms for your use including, but not limited to, recruitment, pre-employment, reference checks, standardized questionnaire for use in interviewing job applicants, and forms necessary to document changes in pay, classification, promotion, demotion, transfer, absentee/tardiness control and time worked including authorization for overtime

Financial & Organizational Analysis

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All employers are faced with increasing costs, stringent governmental regulations and significant decreases in revenue. Accordingly, Felice Associates, Inc. focuses its efforts on providing services which are aimed at preventing liability in the area of labor-employment law and human resources, and analyzing organizational structures and financial issues to reduce operating costs.

Financial Analysis Services

With respect to our financial analysis services, Felice Associates provides assistance by utilizing our multi-year forecasting system, identifying current and future fiscal problems in sufficient time for our clients to take corrective action and enhance their financial stability. We develop plans aimed at reducing operational costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Organizational Analysis Services

Our organizational analysis services focus on developing the most efficient relationships among and between employees and functions. In order to accomplish managerial objectives, it is essential that the delegation of responsibility and decision-making at appropriate levels within the organization be clearly defined. The structure of any organization determines its actualization and success.

Successful Organizational Change

Felice Associates, Inc. has developed and implemented successful organizational changes for its clients. We review your current structure from an organizational, operational, and administrative standpoint. An effort is made to identify and define the strengths and weaknesses in the existing structure. Rather than simply reaffirming and highlighting your current organizational structure, we recommend substantive modifications to help improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

Labor Negotiations

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Chief Negotiator Services

For those clients who do not have an in-house negotiator, Felice Associates provides a wide array of chief negotiator services. For example, we will:

  1. Analyze and evaluate union demands
  2. Prepare management counter proposals
  3. Perform research including the use of our computerized labor costing program
  4. Arrange and conduct negotiations sessions
  5. Advise in any mediation, fact finding, or arbitration proceeding required under the law.
  6.  Draft final labor contracts.

Felice Associates has been representing employers since 1969 and is involved in labor negotiations year-round. This involvement keeps us up to date on new issues and trends crucial to the success of your negotiations.

Negotiations Support Services

For those clients who have an in-house negotiator, Felice Associates provides a wide array of comprehensive behind-the-scenes negotiations support services.

Complete & Efficient Cost Analysis

In order to develop your overall economic and non-economic positions in negotiations, a significant amount of data must be retrieved and analyzed. Initially, we gather personnel data and input itd into our labor costing computer program. This unprecedented system is based on a series of mathematical equations that can determine the current costs of all economic provisions in each of your labor contracts.

Precise Costing of Alternate Positions

Once your data is input into our computer system, that data can be utilized to immediately cost out any union demands, and instantly obtain the bottom-line cost of changes in any wage, fringe benefit, or related economic item. We can easily project various alternate negotiation positions and their exact cost.

Comprehensive Negotiation Reporting

Virtually any type of negotiation report can be generated. For example, we can develop a salary trend analysis of past years and a budget simulation that would demonstrate the impact of any wage/fringe benefit adjustments to your budget. Other analyses include average salary per classification; total hours worked by classification per year; a frequency distribution of employees by classification; total hours worked by average years employed; average rates of pay; and the number of employees within each job classification.

Transparent Vacation Time & Health Care Costs

The program includes a method to analyze individual costs of holidays and cost for employees working on holidays; number of sick days utilized and cost of replacements, cost of overtime hours based on individual and overall usage. Vacation entitlement can be reviewed to include the average annual number used per employee, as well as the annual cost of vacation days. We will analyze your current hospitalization and other health insurance plans and recommend cost containment strategies.

Exposure of Costly Contract Provisions

In addition, we review all current labor contracts to determine what provisions in the current contracts are not acceptable or not working and why, what matters are not covered by current contracts that you think should be, what contract positions have been a problem or created repetitive grievances.

Based on our analyses, we prepare a written report of our findings and recommendations for changes and improvements as appropriate. Our negotiations support services are invaluable in labor negotiations since they enable management to access and review critical information in an understandable, easy-to-read format.

HR Outsourcing

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On-Site Outsourced HR

We are one of the few firms in Pennsylvania that has the capability to provide a full time qualified on-site human resources director for clients and also provide our comprehensive human resource and labor negotiations services for a fixed annual fee. This service is unique since the client will have a qualified human resources director who has direct access to our staff of professionals, who have widespread experience and expertise with advanced knowledge in HR, labor negotiations and labor relations.

Human Resources On Call

Give HR ON-CALL a ring for all your human resource/labor relations questions. HR-ON-CALL is a telephone hotline service provided by Felice Associates, Inc. to answer questions and assist clients in solving daily human resource issues. Our team of professionals with over 300 years of combined experience in the field, is waiting to help solve your problems.

HR-ON-CALL provides information on:

  • Hiring/firing
  • Discipline/Documentation
  • Classification and Pay
  • Workers or Unemployment Compensation
  • EEOC, ADA, FMLA, FLSA Compliance
  • Grievances/Arbitrations
  • Labor Disputes
  • Employee Benefits
  • Health Care
  • Personnel Policies

A subscription to HR-ON-CALL can help your organization make an informed decision every time. By calling HR-ON-CALL, you get immediate answers to your questions, from our team of experts.

Management Training

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Since 1969, Felice Associates, Inc. has developed and instructed many training programs for senior level management on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Advanced Negotiations Techniques
  • Requirements of the ADA
  • How to Handle a Grievance
  • Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment Claims
  • How to Deal Effectively with a Union
  • Preparation of Affirmative Action Plans
  • Evaluating Employee Performance
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • The Supervisor and Union Steward
  • Administering the Labor Contract
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Recruitment/Selection Procedures
  • Requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Effective Hiring and Firing
  • Trends in Labor Board and Court Decisions
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Trends in Collective Bargaining
  • Creating an Effective Management Team
  • Preparing an Arbitration Case
  • How to Control Employee Absenteeism
  • Effective Bargaining Strategies
  • Motivating the Marginal Employee
  • How to Handle the Disgruntled Employee
  • Classification and Pay Analyses
  • Effectively Disciplining Employees
  • Drafting Appropriate Job Descriptions
  • How to Conduct a Job Evaluation

Management Training Experience

Our training programs have been presented throughout the United States to senior level management in small businesses, educational institutions, health care facilities, professional associations, 501c(3) non-profit organizations, federal, state, and local governments, including:

Educational Institutions: Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh; Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh; Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; LaSalle College, Philadelphia, PA; Rutgers University, NJ; St. Francis College, Loretto, PA; Graduate School of Business, Indiana University of PA.

Associations: PA Directors Association of Community Action Agencies; PA State Association of County Commissioners; National Association of Counties, Washington, DC.; PA Municipal Authorities; PA Association of County Affiliated Nursing Homes; PA School Boards Association; PA State Association of Township Commissioners; PA State Association of Boroughs; PA League of Cities; American Society of Public Administration.

State Government: PA Department of Health, Education, Welfare, and Transportation; PA Labor Relations Board, PA Turnpike Commission; Governor’s Office of PA; President’s Committee on Mental Retardation; Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare; States of: Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia.

Federal Government: Developed and instructed federal interagency human resources and labor relations training programs for executives in all major agencies of the federal government for the Eastern Region (Philadelphia, PA) and the Midwestern Region (St. Louis) of the U.S. Civil Service Commission, including but not limited to the U.S. Departments of Labor, Health, Education, Welfare; Veterans’ Administration; U.S. Navy and Air Force.

Classifications & Pay Studies

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Employers struggle each year to determine what pay should be established for various positions and what pay increases should be granted to employees. Felice Associates provides all of the technical advice and assistance necessary in developing and implementing a sound and equitable classification and pay plan or preparing revisions to an existing plan.

Fair & Equitable Pay Plans

Felice Associates, Inc. has developed and implemented a significant number of classification and pay plans for employers that reconcile inequities and establish salaries commensurate with the duties and responsibilities you assign to your employees. Our plan takes the guesswork out of determining what to pay employees and provides you with a consistent, uniform method for determining salary adjustments within your budget. Using our plan, employers can establish salaries on a multi-year basis, rather than struggling each year to determine salaries.

Objective Job Classifications

The goal is to provide a pay plan which is fair and equitable and within the budgetary constraints affecting the client. An updated job classification and pay plan is the keystone of a sound system of personnel management and provides a tool of inestimable value and usefulness. The Plan groups individual jobs into classes of positions on the basis of an objective scientific survey technique, thus avoiding a purely personalized or subjective method. A system of class titles with uniform job language provides a base for common understanding among all employees.

Meaningful Data

The advantages of our classification and pay plans are numerous. It aids in recruiting and testing procedures by making it possible to conduct tests for classes of positions rather than relying upon a large number of tests for individual jobs having immaterial differences; facilitates the preparation of informative budgets for personnel services; clarifies promotional and transfer actions; aids in developing merit rating and training programs; aids in planning, clarifying and improving the organizational structure; and makes it possible to compile meaningful personnel data.

Drafting Job Descriptions

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Clearly define the roles and responsibilities within your organization.

The fundamental purpose of a job analysis is to review present positions to determine all primary tasks and subtasks and to document specific job responsibilities into a formal written job description.

Job Analysis for Compliance

Job analysis is critical in implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), particularly the need to describe the essential and non-essential functions of a job. The best methodology to accomplish job documentation and the specification of duties and responsibilities is through job analysis.

The ADA requires employers to consider reasonable accommodation when an individual’s disability provides a barrier to employment opportunities. reasonable accommodation may include job restructuring, which by definition means that a job is structured (i.e. delineated by duties and responsibilities as in a job description). Sections 1630.9 and 1630.2.2, o, 2, ii.

Defining Essential Job Functions

The ADA focuses on eradicating barriers, but does not relieve the employee or applicant from performing the essential functions of the job. Essential functions of a job means the fundamental job duties (which are the essence of a job description). Section 1630.2,n.1.

The evidence of whether a particular function is essential includes the employer’s judgment, written job descriptions, the amount of time spent on particular functions (normally stated in the job description) and work experience of other past incumbents and those performing similar work(documented in job descriptions). Section 1630.2,n,3,i-vii.

Documented Specifications

Although the ADA does not statutorily require employers to have job descriptions, it is clear that they serve as a vehicle for employers to document essential job functions and state the physical/mental, organizational and environmental factors inherent in all positions to provide a defensible basis for personnel decisions. The written job description is considered evidence of the essential functions of a job. The application of non-essential job criteria which has the effect of screening out persons with disabilities (i.e. lifting, hearing, seeing, etc.) may result in liability. Therefore, clearly defined written job descriptions must be developed since the courts and other administrative agencies (EEOC) will use job descriptions to decide what functions are essential and not essential. It is important that the essential job related functions be well defined since reasonable accommodation under the ADA must be provided in connection with those essential job related functions.

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